About Our Company

Interprocess Ltd. is a private company, founded in 1974 and the sole representative of the leading equipment and technology suppliers in Europe, Canada and USA.
Our activity includes full representation of our suppliers and supporting as needed in the Israeli market.
Our customers are leading industrial manufacturers that requires advanced and reliable equipment, systems integration and idle technician to support them.
All our customers (with some of them awe are working with over 30 years) are respectful factories, with local and worldwide brand name that magnificent the Israeli industry.

As a leading company, we strive to keep leading and defer from our competition in service level, product and technology that we provide, install, support and serve.
Our business activity is based on our vision with defined goals, that guides us in every step.

We are committed to answer our costumer’s need and giving solutions requires for construction, operation and maintenance of their production lines.

Interprocess Ltd. specializes in

  • Exclusive representation of leading suppliers from Europe & USA
  • Assisting represented suppliers penetrating the Israeli market, including: overviewing the market conditions,  opportunities, threats, competitors and informing about existing and new potential projects. 
  • Technical & commercial consulting and supporting the represented suppliers on projects and daily business.
  • Project and logistics management as required by the project .
  • Supporting our customers & suppliers with our trained technicians as After Sales Service.


Interkov Ltd.

Interkov Ltd. was founded in 2008 due to an agreement with Tnuva Dairy (the biggest food co-operation in Israel) to support the specifically designed systems installed on milk collecting tankers.
These systems’ purpose is to control the quality of the milk right from the moment that the milk is collected from the farms. These systems are considered to be the most sophisticated in this field worldwide.
These systems are designed and manufactured by 
GEA-Diessel and installed by Interkov Ltd.
Interkov Ltd. supports its customers 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.
At any time when needed, they are able to support other equipment and systems supplied by 
Interprocess Ltd.

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