NICRO designs, manufactures, installs and qualifies processes for major clients in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical industries. Nicro creates value for customers using its unique combination of lean and sustainable, high-technology engineering (tailored to client needs) and project management solutions. Nicro offers the highest degree of technical and operational efficiency for pharma& biopharma project solutions.

Nicro has extensive experience with over 40 years in delivering mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and electrical systems to industries in its specialized field.

Most GMP regulations describe what needs to be accomplished, rather than how it should be accomplished. A disciplined approach, therefore, should meet requirements. Each manufacturing operation requires an appropriate level of cleanliness of the operational environment to minimize the risk of particulate or microbial contamination of handled products or materials.

Nicro offers comprehensive mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation support services throughout the lifecycle of a project – from project management, design, fabrication and manufacture through to installation, test, commissioning, qualification and maintenance.

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