With more than 35 years of experience in agitation technology and process engineering, innovative technologies and first-class advice, PRG GmbH is one of the world’s leading suppliers of agitators and agitation plants.

With the highest level of precision and state-of- the-art manufacturing methods, PRG develop and produce agitators and mixing systems that perfectly fit for customers’ processes. Customers can rely not just on the quality of PRG’s products but also on well-established expertise as consultants: Exceptional knowledge of the industry and a sound understanding of its processes ensure that PRG will always offer the best possible technical solution to meet the industry’s needs.

PRG specialized in design, manufacturing and supplying mixing solutions to the cosmetics, chemicals, biotechnology, food, biogas or pharmaceuticals sectors and are system planners for large-scale industrial applications or medium-sized companies.

PRG offers the following Products:

  • Magnetic agitators (Side/bottom installation)
  • Gear driven agitators (Bottom/ top installation)
  • High Speed mixers (Bottom / side/ top installation)
  • CO-AXIAL agitators
  • Jet Mixers (Bottom/side/ top installation)

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