Rütten are a family owned Swiss pharma engineering company, specialized in manufacturing stirrers and tanks for liquid/cell mixing, transportation, storage and research. Rütten passion for pharma engineering began 1993. Today Rütten work with world’s leading pharma companies, delivering our first-class products to all continents.

Rütten’s goal is to produce the best performing sterile systems, which are often used for mixing, storing, monitoring or transporting pharmaceutical and industrial liquids. Since its beginning, Rütten has been a pioneer in the development of innovative sterile processing solutions. Rütten have developed products for the most challenging conditions and applications. Everyday thousands of Rütten sterile tanks and stirrers are in operation at leading manufacturers of biologics, vaccines and pharmaceutical products around the world.

Rütten begin each project by obtaining a complete understanding of their clients’ needs. Rutten provides personalized services such as the design, modification & maintenance of all Rütten products.
From the first sketch to the detailing, CAD/3D modelling, documentation, FAT tests to assembly, Rütten offer all service from a single source.

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